We want our next big design to come from you. Bigfoot, zombies, aliens, aunt Peggy....we want to see it all!

Your designs could mean money in your pocket. We know you talented designers are out there, let's make some magic. How? It's simple. 

  1. Send us a design 
  2. If we like it, we'll design it, wear it, and sell the socks off it!
  3. When your shirt sells, you make money.
Send us your design in .JPG format. Low resolution. If we like it, you'll know and we'll then request a high resolution .EPS or .AI file. Email each submission to 

What are the gritty details? 

Keep it clean. Nothing raunchy will be sent to the press. 
.JPG file must not exceed 1mb in files size. 
If your design is chosen, you'll get up to 20% of all sales for that design.